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Link2Exe for Webmasters 2.1

Link2Exe for Webmasters 2.1: Link2Exe creates small distributable EXE-files that link to your services. Link2Exe is a tool for the Web professional, Graphic Artist or Business specialist. Create your own online/offline link applications with your company logo (icon). Instant links to Website, E-mail, FTP, Folders, Applications etc. Link2Exe has an easy to use interface, and with it you can create and distribute an application (4-23k) that will easily put your services at a users finger tips, quickly and professionally.

InstantBar 1.0: InstantBar allows to create toolbar, replace text with links in IE, show popup..
InstantBar 1.0

instantly without any questions to user and without needs to install new version. Here is how you can build toolbar for your website just within few minutes: 1) InstantBar has visual components that can be configured from administrative area, there are: Static text, Text links, Image links, Dropdown box, Search box, Separator. Detailed information could be found on our site. You can build toolbar from admin and set all text, links and images. Images

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XPELO® Banned Link Security Scan 1.0: XPELO® is the only software that can process & validate your website for banned
XPELO® Banned Link Security Scan 1.0

links on your website instantly, even if you forget to validate your link partners during a trade it`s ok because checking for banned link partners all at once is finally here and available to use. Need to check a file of links? No problem, just upload your list and presto!...get instant status notification of your link partners. Search results can also be exported for use on any external API programming feeds. Perfect for SEO agents, webmasters

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Link Exchange Management Software Backlink analysis software tracks advertiser JavaScript links on publisher sites
Link Exchange Management Software

links availability. Inward links manager supports in search engine optimization for search engine optimizers to checks the backlinks status and notifies the users via automated generated email even when links have been removed from publishers site, weblink not found, page not open or website is unavailable. Reciprocal links partner tool helps to finding out new links exchange networks and new links partners and also share your domain with these links

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Links Organizer 2.3: Links Organizer provides quick access to the most kinds of links on your system
Links Organizer 2.3

Links Organizer provides quick access to the most kinds of links on your system - from Start menu and Desktop to Internet links. Using Links Organizer, you can inspect, edit, exchange links between categories. It also includes links verification and ability to remove invalid links and fix links to moved Internet locations. You can schedule categories, folders and individual links to be checked whether pages they point to were updated or not. Links

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EasyDesktop 9.0: Access everything in Windows from one easy screen.
EasyDesktop 9.0

The answer to icon overload for 20 years! Access everything in Windows from one easy screen. Instantly launch up to 648 programs, documents, email or web-links EasyDesktop will allow you to place all of your commonly used programs, documents, web links and more on an easy-to-read menu. Configuring EasyDesktop is very easy. Simply drag-and-drop icons or files from your Start Menu or the explorer to to a menu button.

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free software weblinkchecker 1.0:  Weblink Checker - Avoid Broken Links Costing You Visitors And Sales.
free software weblinkchecker 1.0

links (links to other sites) by copying them from their web browser, but they manually type in the name for internal links (links to pages within their own site). It is these internal links that are often the source of mistakes. A broken internal link can not only potentially lose you visitors and sales, but can even have an effect on your search engine ranking. Weblink Checker is a very simple tool that instantly checks your web site on your PC

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